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An arrow is a blade balanced outshot that is propelled through a bow, and normally comprises of a long straight solid shaft with stabilizers called fletching’s, just as a profound (and generally sharp and pointed) arrowhead appended to the front end, and a space at the backside called the nock for drawing in the bowstring. The utilization of bows and arrows by people originates before written history and is normal to most societies. A specialist who makes arrows is a fletcher, and one that makes arrowheads is an arrow smith.

The most established proof of stone-tipped shots, which could conceivably have been moved by a bow (c.f. atlatl), dating to c. 64,000 years back, were found in Sibudu Cave, current South Africa. Arrowheads produced using creature bones have been found in the Fa Hien Cave in Sri Lanka which is likewise the most seasoned proof for the utilization of arrows outside of Africa dating to c. 48,000 years back.

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