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A car is a vehicle, a self-propelled wheeled vehicle that is driven by an engine mounted on it and is intended for transporting people, cargo, towing vehicles, performing special work, and transporting special equipment on non-rail roads. It moves mainly on land.

Transport vehicles are designed to transport cargo and passengers. Special cars have permanently installed equipment or installations and are used for various purposes (fire and utility vehicles, car stands, cranes, etc.). Racing cars are intended for sports competitions, including for setting speed records.

The car is driven by an internal combustion engine, diesel engine, electric motor, or by their synthesis (hybrid engine). The rotational movement of the engine through its conversion system (transmission) is transmitted to the wheels of the car.

To move the car was comfortable, it is equipped with a suspension. Evolving over time, from primitive springs, the car's suspension has come to a complex multi-link mechanism, shock absorbers, stabilizers, and so on, which makes the ride a pleasure.

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Car PNG - 19759
Car PNG - 19760
Car PNG - 19761
Car PNG - 19762
Car PNG - 19763
Car PNG - 19764
Car PNG - 19765
Car PNG - 19766
Car PNG - 19767
Car PNG - 19768
Car PNG - 19769
Car PNG - 19770
Car PNG - 19771
Car PNG - 19772
Car PNG - 19773
Car PNG - 19774
Car PNG - 19775
Car PNG - 19776
Car PNG - 19777
Car PNG - 19778

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