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The very first clock that people used is considered to be solar. They first appeared in the Egyptians around 3,500 BC. the Principle of operation of such clocks was quite simple; a pole was inserted into the ground, around which a time scale was drawn. The disadvantages of such clocks were quite obvious; they could only show time in the daytime and only in the absence of clouds.

Water clocks by the beginning of the I century ad, the so-called clepsydra-water clocks were widely used.

In China, in addition to the water clock, there were also fire (candles), the principle of which was based on the slow decay of a stick or spiral, to which metal balls were attached.

One of the main clock companies engaged in the production of wristwatches was the Swiss Wilsdorf & Davis, founded by Hans Wilsdorf in 1905.

There are also clocks with multiple dials, such as sports chronographs and watches that display a second-time zone. A watch with a transparent dial is called a Skeleton watch, in which the moving parts of the mechanism are left open.

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