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Flowers are one of the most attractive plants of nature. We smile at the magnificent peonies and roses, elegant tulips, beautiful and modest daisies, lush thickets of blooming lilac, snow-white fragrant lily of the valley. So many colors!

How much joy their diverse beauty brings us!

Flowers are responsible for the most important moment in the life of each plant, the formation of the fruit. The flower is pollinated (usually by insects), and the fruit is formed and developed here.

The flower ends the stem. Scientists believe that the flowers came from reproducing shoots of ancient plants that ended in balls with spores. Indeed, the sepals, especially after budding, are very similar to ordinary leaves.

The petals are the most beautiful part of the flower. Their task is to attract insects for pollination. Scientists believe that the petals of some flowers came from sepals, like a peony, and others-from stamens, such as water lilies, buttercups, carnations.

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