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The grass is a small plant with a tender woody stem. There are annual grasses that are born from seed when the most favorable season begins, and others that are alive and grow from stems that are on the surface or underground.

In speaking of the plant is also referred to as herb with medicinal properties, or used in cooking. In these cases, the denomination is not always related to the characteristics of the stem, since some types of trees are called grass.

Hence, medicinal herbs are vegetables that are used to treat health disorders and diseases. The active ingredients of these herbs provide a therapeutic effect.

Already in prehistory, people resorted to medicinal grass. With the development of science, the identification, recognition, and isolation of many active ingredients for the production of medicines have been achieved. In any case, the grass is still used directly in various regions.

Aromatic grass, on the other hand, is a plant that is used in cooking as a seasoning, both fresh and dried.

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