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Light effect devices are so-called because they operate in a very limited area and do not participate in lighting as such. They are attractive first of all by the possibility of great "enliven" a small room without significant effort, material, and mental costs. That is, they work perfectly where the scanner or rotating head is simply too fat.

Installation and configuration of devices due to their lightness and compactness is extremely simple; stick somewhere on the ceiling or wall, or even just put it on, and connect to the power grid. Each model, as a rule, is adapted for a certain effect-hence the democratic cost.

Light effect devices can be divided into two types; projection and volume-beam. The first ones are intended for broadcasting images, while the second ones require certain additional conditions to be implemented. The fact is that in a transparent atmosphere, light rays are not visible, and the effect is limited to light spots on the floor and walls.

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Light Effect PNG - 23372
Light Effect PNG - 23373
Light Effect PNG - 23374
Light Effect PNG - 23375
Light Effect PNG - 23376
Light Effect PNG - 23377
Light Effect PNG - 23378
Light Effect PNG - 23379
Light Effect PNG - 23380
Light Effect PNG - 23381
Light Effect PNG - 23382
Light Effect PNG - 23383
Light Effect PNG - 23384
Light Effect PNG - 23385
Light Effect PNG - 23386
Light Effect PNG - 23387
Light Effect PNG - 23388
Light Effect PNG - 23389

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