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Currently, this word is most often used to indicate a line or border.

A line is an axiomatic definition, the boundary of a surface. The line is one-dimensional, it is defined as the result of moving points or the intersection of two surfaces. That is, the line has a length, but it does not have a width or height. In geometry, the line is infinite in both directions. The line is uniquely defined by two points. Lines need names just as much as points so that we can easily refer to them.

The line is the main part of two adjacent surface zone. A moving point describes a certain line during its movement. In analytical geometry, on a plane, a line is expressed by equations between the coordinates of their points. In a rectangular coordinate system, lines are separated depending on the type of equations.

The line is also the odds of the bookmaker's office on the outcomes of sports events. Bookmakers offer players to place bets on the outcomes, the number of goals scored in the match, the number of deletions, etc.

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