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The hairstyle has always been important for a person. It appeared even in primitive society, and before clothing. With the evolution of man, the hairstyle also changed. With the advent of class society, the hairstyle began to indicate class affiliation.

A hairstyle, like clothing, is considered a so-called mirror; you can recognize a certain stage of development in culture, science, and art. The artistic style changed, the changes were related to the appearance of a person, and the hairstyle was no exception.

In ancient Egypt, members of the nobility could be recognized by the magnificent hairstyle, but the simple people it was modest and reserved. Still, if you looked closely at the hairstyles of one and the other, you could see one thing in common; they were all made in the shape of a trapezoid. It emphasized the rigor and clarity of the lines.

The women's hairstyles were more sophisticated and interesting than the men. The nobility (both men and women) shaved their heads before putting on a wig. At that time, there were two most popular types of hairstyles. The first one clung tightly to her face, all her hair parted in the middle, and the ends were cut straight. The second hairstyle was shaped like a balloon.

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