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Twitter is a popular social network. You can use it for more than one purpose daily communication with friends and acquaintances, and as an additional tool for promoting your business.

Twitter was created in 2006 on March 21, the account of the founder of this microblogging service, Jack Dorsey, appeared an entry. It was the first in the history of this social network. It should be noted, however, that in the spring the service existed only as a working platform for those who were employees of Odeo (an American company that is a catalog of Internet sites). Twitter gained its publicity only with the arrival of the summer season. And in the fall, Jack Dorsey was able to buy out Odeo and create his own company called Obvious Corporation. It includes all the assets of the previous Corporation, including Twitter.

There are many different topics such as music, art, sports, politics, fashion, entertainment, and others. It is also possible to find your own friends who also use this app. The choice of themes allows you to select accounts that you can also subscribe to.

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PNG Twitter - 80981
PNG Twitter - 80982
PNG Twitter - 80983
PNG Twitter - 80984
PNG Twitter - 80985
PNG Twitter - 80986
PNG Twitter - 80987
PNG Twitter - 80988
PNG Twitter - 80989
PNG Twitter - 80990
PNG Twitter - 80991
PNG Twitter - 80992
PNG Twitter - 80993
PNG Twitter - 80994
PNG Twitter - 80995
PNG Twitter - 80996

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