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Skype is a VoIP service that uses the Internet to allow people to make and receive free voice and video calls online. VoIP over the past decade has shown communicators how to bypass expensive PSTN and cellular plans and make international calls for free or cheap.

Skype is the app and service that told the world about this feature. Today, many people are joining the idea of free calls over the Internet. Skype has overcome many barriers to communication. If you used to need to pay special attention to the minutes and seconds you spend on international calls, now you don't need to worry about it. If you use Skype to communicate between computers, you only pay for Internet access, the same as you would pay without Skype.

Skype has changed the way people communicate by integrating voice and instant Messaging into one app. Later, Skype added video and conference calls to its app so that we can communicate with people online for free.

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Skype PNG - 16331
Skype PNG - 16332
Skype PNG - 16333
Skype PNG - 16334
Skype PNG - 16335
Skype PNG - 16336
Skype PNG - 16337
Skype PNG - 16338
Skype PNG - 16339
Skype PNG - 16340
Skype PNG - 16341
Skype PNG - 16342
Skype PNG - 16343
Skype PNG - 16344
Skype PNG - 16345
Skype PNG - 16346
Skype PNG - 16347
Skype PNG - 16348
Skype PNG - 16349
Skype PNG - 16350
Skype PNG - 16351
Skype PNG - 16352
Skype PNG - 16353

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