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WhatsApp is one of the most popular messengers. The app is completely free and works on all platforms. There is also a Web version of the program that runs directly in the browser window.

Financiers believe that the popularity of the messenger greatly affected the revenue of mobile operators. Experts predict that the number of SMS messages sent will fall in the same way as the number of international phone calls decreased after the spread of Skype.

The first version appeared in February 2009. 5 years later, Facebook bought out the ownership of the software. At first, users had to pay 99 cents a year to communicate on WhatsApp, but since 2016, there is no need to pay.

The app supports sharing media files; photos, videos, music, and other documents. Files are uploaded to a separate server, where they are encoded and transmitted to the recipient in an optimized format to reduce traffic consumption.

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Whatsapp PNG - 19382
Whatsapp PNG - 19383
Whatsapp PNG - 19384
Whatsapp PNG - 19385
Whatsapp PNG - 19386
Whatsapp PNG - 19387
Whatsapp PNG - 19388
Whatsapp PNG - 19389
Whatsapp PNG - 19390
Whatsapp PNG - 19391
Whatsapp PNG - 19392
Whatsapp PNG - 19393
Whatsapp PNG - 19394
Whatsapp PNG - 19395
Whatsapp PNG - 19396
Whatsapp PNG - 19397
Whatsapp PNG - 19398
Whatsapp PNG - 19399
Whatsapp PNG - 19400
Whatsapp PNG - 19401
Whatsapp PNG - 19402
Whatsapp PNG - 19403
Whatsapp PNG - 19404
Whatsapp PNG - 19405
Whatsapp PNG - 19406

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