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YouTube is a hosting service for hosting, storing, and searching for video files. Users can view, comment, and rate videos if the owner has not set restrictions.

For many, YouTube has become a substitute for television. Here you can search and view interesting stories with the difference that the view is available at any time of the day, the video can be paused, rewound, and reviewed an unlimited number of times.

YouTube appeared in 2005 in San Bruno. It was created by former PayPal employees. The first clip is a 19-second video from the zoo. In 2006, Google bought YouTube for 1.65 billion dollars and became its owner. Many celebrities and large companies have official channels on YouTube, and YouTube videos are often displayed in official TV reports.

To find a video, use the search bar at the top of the window. Enter the entire fragment or name in it. If you don't remember or don't know the name of the video, try searching by entering the subject of the video in the search bar.

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File:YouTube Logo (2017).png - Youtube PNG
Open  - Youtube PNG
Youtube Png Picture PNG Image - Youtube PNG
Youtube Transparent PNG Image - Youtube PNG
Youtube Icon Logo Png - Youtube PNG
Open  - Youtube PNG
Youtube Download Png PNG Image - Youtube PNG
YouTube Icon, Full-color - Youtube PNG
YouTube Play Button PNG Free Download - Youtube PNG
Youtube Play Button Transparent Background PNG Image - Youtube PNG
Ücretsiz çizim: Youtube, Red, Sosyal, Simgesi, Oyun - Pixabayu0027de Ücretsiz  Görüntüler - 1495277 - Youtube PNG
Youtube Icon - Youtube PNG
File:Youtube.png - Youtube PNG
Youtube Rubber Icon Png - Youtube PNG
YouTube Icon. PNG 50 Px - Youtube PNG
Youtube Png Clipart PNG Image - Youtube PNG
YouTube Transparent Background - Youtube PNG
Youtube Logo PNG - Youtube PNG

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